11 comments on “REVIEW: Fallout 3.

  1. I liked your Review. Fallout 3 is among my favorite video games – as well as New Vegas. Fallout 3 I felt was so immersive in that I could pretty much go anywhere and do anything. The major drawback I felt from the game is its difficulty. It is so easy….especially if you have a BAD Karma person. Bad Karma is often from negative efforts by either killing people (EXP) or stealing (Ton More Money) and sometimes both (Kill Shop Owner, Take their Stuff). I too have this issue with Skyrim…as I can walk up to any dragon at standard levels and just pound them. I am wirth you – I think it is a fun game. I love this game. Great review!

  2. Thanks for your reply 🙂

    You’re completely right about the difficulty. In fact to up the ante for myself when I play, I limit weapons, ammunition and healing supplies just to give the game a more authentic feel.

  3. I really like your review style. It’s fair, balanced, and substantive (though, I do think it’s ok to fanboy/girl on occasion). I have not played Fallout 3 myself, but I have seen my roommate go through a play through. I think your review is spot on. I’ll be looking out for more!

  4. I actually just ragequit this game a few months ago. I got stuck in one of the DLC’s, which basically meant I couldn’t finish the game unless I went back to a previous save. Now i’m playing Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition (which includes all the DLC as well) and it is EPIC. Though, I am sad that you only get a perk on every other level up. It’s not a huge downfall by any means, especially because I was able to get all of my stats to 100, but it does mean you need to choose a lot more wisely.

    • It’s a funny thing, but most everyone I know prefers one over the other. I never got hooked on Fallout New Vega, despite it’s similarity. It’s a great game, but doesn’t have that something, for me.

      Plus it’s buggy as all hell 🙂

      • Yes it is. I spent two weeks trying to get veronica to ‘trigger’ her quest. FINALLY got her to, did the quest, and then she wouldn’t do the final conversation with the Elder. She just sat there, staring at him like a mute idiot. I tried everything (including shooting them both repeatedly… surprisingly it didn’t turn anyone hostile) to no avail so I’ve been taking a break from it. I was at level 49 and the game was starting to freeze up randomly all the time. Ugh. Bethesda makes a great game but they are too big for our puny consoles to handle.

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