4 comments on “Chess: Board gaming’s Magnum Opus

  1. I’m no chess master, but I used to play it when I was younger, and I loved it. So often chess is ridiculed as a dull and nerdy game, but my God is it good fun. I never competed as I was never good enough, but I always played against my Dad. We had a Simpsons Chess Borad (Which I still have to this day actually), and my parents paid for Lego Chess on the PC for me. I fell in love with Lego Chess and played it at any opportunity I got, learning with each and every fun game.

    On a video game related note, I remember there was a mini chess game in I believe, Star Ocean Til The End of Time on the PS2, and the computer couldn’t beat me, until I got to the final stage and I only ever managed a stalemate. That was both frustrating and very satisfying all at once.

    I miss it now, but I can’t for the life of me remember how to play it unfortunately. I need to find a ROM of that Lego Chess game and relive my childhood.

    • There are numerous great websites for online play if you’re interested in playing against other people, and as for gaming programs, software like Fritz provide slightly more in-depth and changeable gameplay than Lego chess 🙂

      I remember moving to my new school, and at one point trying to teach everyone how to play chess. That was disastrous..

      • I think I would have to boost my knowledge again before considering playing against other people =P And unfortunately it looks like that Fritz software is only available on Windows, I’m a Mac user =/

        Haha, I remember trying to tell some of my friends how awesome chess was, and them just giving me this ‘What the hell?’ look.

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