11 comments on “You Decide: Gaming Worlds

  1. Oh my God, that is such a tough selection!

    My instinct tells me to go with The Capital Wasteland as I remember wandering around it for hours, listening to THREEE DAAAWWGG and his wonderful radio station. Remembering all the different directions and locations was amazing, and running away from those dreaded super mutants really was adrenaline pumping.

    My heart tells me to go with Hyrule though, as it’s etched in my childhood. Yes, it may not be as big as The Capital Wasteland, but its beauty is unparallelled. The Hyrules of OoT and Majora’s Mask are fantastic, and I have many a fond memory of just galloping around them, or shooting Tingle from the sky for some bizarre conversation.

  2. I have to go with Rapture as well. Rapture is both so beautiful and so demented, it is a place I could spend hours exploring (if it were ever safe enough to do so).

  3. Hyrule gets my vote…so many games, so many good memories. Plus it kinda reminds me of Albion from the Fable series, which I’d hold as a close second.

  4. Hyrule is a fantasy kingdom, Pandora is an interstellar world, Capitol Wasteland is the result of nuclear war.

    Only Rapture is an ideal.

    Rapture was created by one man: Andrew Ryan. He envisioned an Objectivist world where individuals were not burdened by government. It spiralled down, a Civil War erupted, and Dystopia followed.

    So Rapture has to take the cake here. It’s a would-be utopian Paradise that went wrong. All the other places were just existing worlds. Rapture would have been something else. And the outer beauty speaks volumes on what its builders tried to create. The madness inside does the same.

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  6. Definitely Rapture for me. I remember exploring the darkest rooms, the creepiest halls and of course, that first glimpse of the destroyed yet so beautiful city. As for levels, probably Siren Alley or Fort Frolic (due to Sander Cohen mainly)

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