7 comments on “Color in Gaming

  1. I think two noteworthy games when it comes to color are Portal 2 and Mirror’s Edge.

    Portal 2 is a puzzle game, so the game’s art had to be used to direct players, while not entirely giving away solutions. Mirror’s Edge used color in a similar way, showing potential routes and actions using colors.

    Game art is a fascinating topic, and I’m glad you took the time to cover an aspect of it.

    • I was just going to bring up Mirror’s Edge too! Red became such an important color in that game because all the free-runnable objects were red, so your eyes became attuned to red as a color that represented “safety”.

      Splinter Cell Conviction was another game that made good use of color, or absence of color. In previous games, you had a UI bar that showed you how stealthy you were. In this one, it was handled graphically by the level of color desaturation – if the scene suddenly became alive with color, you started getting paranoid and would quickly seek the shadows again.

      Of course, people would complain that it made the game very black and white most of the time, but it wasn’t a game designed for pretty colors, was it?

      • I had to quit playing Tetris because I literally became addicted to it. I’m prone to OCD, and I would just lay in bed at night trying to clear Tetris puzzles in my head (not by choice!) Oh well. 🙂

        I need to start writing in my gaming blog. I was going to write a review of the first episode of the Walking Dead game and I might as well write a review for Atelier Totori, although I’m probably one of 100 people in the US who play it. ❤ Gust studios ❤

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