11 comments on “Put That in Your Pipe: Smoking in Gaming

  1. Should make a list of all the games that have virtual intoxicants. Like drunk driving in GTA. I can’t remember if Skooma has any affect if you take it.

  2. It’s a little funny that of all our vices, smoking has made it in our visions of the future and alternate realities. Drugs generally, yes, but nicotine seems seems like it should be so outmoded by the time the apocalypse hits or by the 24th, 25th, or 26th centuries. But maybe including it in games, specifically sci-fi games, is a way to make the characters feel more grounded, more real, more sympathetic? Smoking characters in games like GTA or Max Payne, that makes sense; but in Mass Effect and Bioshock? Not so much.

    • If my lore is correct, I believe Bioshock is set in the 60’s-80’s, so cigarettes will be prominent.

      I agree with you regarding Mass effect though. You’d think there would be a cleaner, safer substitute so far into the future. It’s a little depressing, the thought that devs put it in so that we can relate to characters. “Hey, I poison myself too!”

    • Bioshock is not a futuristic dystopia. It was built by a 50s scientist named Andrew Ryan who saw the excesses of the Soviet Union and created a civilization underwater. Naturally he carried early 20th century culture in there: that’s why you get 50s music, 50s commercials, and 50s morality. The cigarettes were prevalent in the 50s, so it was prevalent in Bioshock too.

      I agree, though, with Mass Effect.

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