16 comments on “Those ‘wow’ Moments, or why I Game

  1. [Syberia spoilers]

    I’ve actually had lots of these moments, but perhaps the most powerful was at the end of Syberia. When the mammoths wandered across the screen, I cried. It was just too awesome.

  2. I was in awe during pretty much every cutscene in Metal Gear Solid 4. Going back to the goole ole’ days nothing for me was more terrifying than playing multiplayer Perfect Dark on N64 , creating one of the bots to be a Perfect Venge sim ( Incredibly lethal killer who will hunt you down if you take him out) , killing it , and then hunkering down in a safe place while he relentlessly tries to get revenge. Wow!

  3. Great post! I totally agree with everything in it. It often annoys me when non-gamers don’t understand how emotionally provoking a game can be. For example, I couldn’t wait to get Mass Effect 3 to finish off the story and I spent a lot on the collector’s edition. Anyway, I completed the game pretty quickly and my mum started to compare it to games with longer play times, exclaiming that it’s not as good because of that. While I admit I wish the game was a tad longer, I felt that this was missing the point a bit. Mass Effect is one of my favourite games because I love the story and find it emotionally engaging. I often find that I prefer the stories my games can tell to other media, I’ll try to excitedly explain a game plot to a non-gamer in the same way that they discuss movies or books and it’ll always fall on deaf ears. It’s like the word game will instantly trigger a turn off reaction (and my family are sci-fi fans constantly complaining about the lack of good sci-fi films and programmes these days.) I hope that one day a good Mass Effect films gets made so that they can understand my excitement in a language they understand :P.

  4. For hubby and I: Fatal Frame scares the crap out him to the point he couldn’t finish it. He also cried when Aerith died. We both cried when we deleted his Taru and my hume in FFXI. We both cried when he played one of the endings for Mass Effect 3 (the self sacrifice option “symbiotic” ending). One game you didn’t mention that I found exhilerating from the watching perspective was Kingdom Hearts – love Disney/FFX art. Hubby wanted me to mention that morality is an issue that comes into play a lot when it comes to finishing or playing a game to it’s full potential. Examples are Fallout 3 and Infamous. He doesn’t like playing for the Dark side in games like this.

  5. Call of Duty: MW2 Spoiler!

    Oh man…most recently, it was in Modern Warfare 2 when both Roach and Ghost are betrayed towards the end. I literally FELT betrayed as I watched the cinematic… I may or may not have had tears in my eyes.

  6. Mine was Fable 2, but not so much joy as you described. My moment was at the end when you have to choose. I actually sat there for 5 or 10 minutes thinking which I would choose. My own needs over others? Powerful shit, I thought.

  7. Ocarina of Time was an insane trip. I love that game. It’s such a well thought out story. I still play the shit out of it every once in awhile.

    Did you like Majora’s Mask?

  8. I won’t spoil anything, but I’ll just mention a few things in games I thought were great. Ending of “Okami” and “FFX” made me cry for hours. “Illusion of Gaia” also had some very sad moments. I’ve played the game several times, but I cry every single time Will has this certain dream…. The ReDeads of “Zelda” freak me out like nothing else, except for when the Flood first show up in “Halo”. Oh, my gosh. Darn Aerith’s death was spoiled for me before I ever played the game, so I wasn’t as sad when it happened. I wish it was a surprise for me. I was sad about something towards the end of “Uncharted 3”, then it turned out to be a hallucination! They ruined it!

    Ending of “Halo: Reach” was chilling. (Okay, I must type a spoiler. Knowing you’re going to die, but trying to fight off the aliens was something different from anything I’ve ever played before. I kept fighting back, but I knew it was hopeless. Then, my helmet started to crack, and finally I died. For “real” this time, though. My character was really dead this time, and she wasn’t coming back. Powerful ending.)

  9. I agree with every, single thing you wrote. Ever since my Spectrum ZX and NES I have been in awe of games. From going in arcades, to spending hours trying to find the hidden block to push in The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past.

    Thank you for a great article. In Awe indeed!

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