16 comments on “Three reasons why Video Games are better than Movies

  1. As I read and got to Skyrim hubby smiled and said try 200 hrs to plantinum it and go back for more lol. We totally agreed with your three points and have expressed the same and some point or another. I think that’s why reality television, movie sequels etc are so popular because we want “the rest of the story”, “there has to be more than this” kind of thing.

  2. I agree with your comment that film is a more passive form of entertainment than video games. I was commenting on someone else’s blog the other day. He was arguing that video games are not art and don’t belong in the same discourse as movies, television and what have you. But your post helps demonstrate that video games do what movies and other media can’t. Nicely said!

  3. I totally agree! Some complain that video game stories aren’t as “deep” as film stories, but having in-game choices and various possible outcomes adds a richness to games that isn’t available to movies. I guess the opposing argument is that having just one outcome — perhaps a tragic Romeo-and-Juliet-type ending — is part of what makes a film moving as art, but video games offer something different, and that’s a good thing. (And with some games, all outcomes are still tragic and moving… so there’s that too.)

    • You could just as easily write an article entitled ‘Three reasons why movies are better than video games’, and I’d probably agree with every one 🙂

      I just wanted to defend my favorite medium, seeing as how very few do.

  4. FYI, this response is going to be ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE. ;0)

    I’m a girl, and my game of choice is Final Fantasy. (Almost exclusively, my brother lent me mass effect’s 1 and 2, but, because of extenuating circumstances, I haven’t got around to them yet. I will soon. =0D)

    LOVE the movie Snatch as well. The ONLY movie I like with Brad Pitt, (barf), but I totally agree that you are left wanting more.

    In the 20 to 40 hours I usually take to play through one of the games in the series (depending on which one, they differ in length,) I get to know the characters through and through. I have actually cried at the end of almost every single game.

    It is GREAT that actors can create a character in two hours and make you fall in love with them, or hate them, or sympathize with them in a way deep enough to actually have it tug on your heartstrings, but it doesn’t even come close to the amount of love/hate/comeraderie, whatever, that you have for a character after spending days, weeks, or even MONTHS together.

    I’m also really interested in the psychology of videogames. I love that even if you are saving the world in some games(Like Fable), you can still be a royal doucheroll. I don’t know why, but that choice to be evil or good fascinates me!

    I love the “interactivity” that comes with controlling your own world. (You could take that back to it’s psychological roots and have a whole blog there if you were so inclined…)

    Okay. This is totally fragmented, but, so’s my head, so… Yeah! Bye!

    • It all made sense to me! I completely agree with you. Chell, GLaDos and Wheatley wouldn’t be so ingrained in my head if all they had had was an hour and a half screentime.

      Also, please play the Mass Effects.. Please! They’re incredible.

      • I’ll take your advice on that one. I will play Mass Effects right now. =0).

        My brother is an avid gamer and he assures me I will love them. LOL.

        Being a mother of a 1 year old sadly doesn’t leave much time for mommy-fun, but she takes a 2 1/2 to 3 hour nap each day, so I will take advantage of that… right now… I might let you know what I think of it after a few hours, days, weeks… of gameplay. ;0)

        (Never snap-judge a video game.) =0D

  5. I’ve always liked gaming more than movies. Though I certainly have my cinema favorites (yes, Snatch is totally entertaining), given the choice, if I’m going to sit around for 2 hours watching something, I’d rather be interacting with it too. Great post!

  6. Kind of have to disagree with your first reason. I mean, length is one reason why I actually *avoid* playing certain things. One of the sad facts about being an adult is that I don’t have the amount of free time I had as a kid to play videogames or enjoy other forms of entertainment. My time is valuable and honestly, at this point in my life, I’d rather play a solid 10 hour game than delve into a difficult long 100-hour RPG.

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