7 comments on “You Decide! Horror Series

  1. I voted for Fatal Frame. I really enjoy Japanese horror. Admittedly I didn’t find it too scary, but I think the atmosphere is better in this one than in the others. I didn’t get too far in Dead Space because I was disappointed by it. The developers said it was going to be the next Silent Hill (very scary) but in the end they went down the action horror root. While not bad per say, it just hasn’t kept my interest as well as games such as Doom did. I keep meaning to go back to it and give it another go though. F.E.A.R. also suffers from the problem of being an action horror. Being armed with a gun helps a lot. The scary parts are more related to the odd appearances of that girl but other than the odd jump scare it’s not too bad. I did really enjoy playing it though, but I’ve heard that the first game is the only one worth playing. I have to admit, I’ve not played as much of Silent Hill as I should have. I like the concept of it though and would like to try it out properly sometime. I own one of the games and started playing it (I didn’t find it particularly scary and I have to admit I was laughing slightly but I’m sure if I get further on it’ll be a lot worse.) Also Pyramid Head is very cool.
    While not a series there’s only one game that I can think of that has genuinely put me on edge and that’s Amnesia (I just don’t much like prisons and torture chambers lol.)

    Nice vote btw. I wish there was some way to find out which game/series is the scariest of all; as I would probably arrange a game night, turn the lights down and see how long I last out on it :P.

    • Amnesia is a one way trip to a nervous breakdown! Resi2 will always hold its place in my heart for the fear it produced in younger me! less about big scares, more about a permeating terror that kept me thinking about the game long after it was switched off! shame about Resi5 and 6 😛

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