4 comments on “Bl0g p0dcast: Yes or No?

  1. I voted that you consider trying one and see how it goes. Hell just do little Ytube videos to start and see what kind of response/feedback you get. My husband and I both enjoy your blog here and if you did video loads we’d watch. Hubby always watches the BFF report, Game Trailers, Angry Video Game Nerd and countless other game review videos.

  2. This is something I’ve thought about doing as well recently. For me I think I honestly just lack the skills/software to do it.

  3. We’ve put out about 8 episode at Power Cords. It can be a challenge simply in that timing is an issue when you can’t get people together and such. If you go it alone, definitely write up an outline, they help a lot! I’d be totally down for listening to your podcast, so I said Oh Yeah!

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