23 comments on “My Gaming pet peeves.

  1. Ahahahahahahaha ok I really, really loved this. How about…

    *AI companions who 1) get in my way or 2) ruin my sneak attack by running straight into the enemy yelling at the top of their lungs or 3) require me to save/defend them due to their crappy skills.
    *Impossible fight button combos on the game controller that can only be performed by accident or if you happen to have six fingers on each hand.
    *Anyone who claims to be a gamer and uses cheat codes… what is the point?
    *Anyone who claims to be a gamer and plays everything on the easiest level.
    *Achievements which if you make what seems to be a random decision earlier in the game, become impossible to obtain.

    • Skyrim comes to mind regarding dumb A.I..

      ‘For Jorvaskaar!’

      The only cheat I’ve ever used was for Contra, but, come on like 🙂

      No. 68: Achievements that require you to replay the game with slightly different morality choices.

      • I am recalling an achievement in Bioshock (I think) where somewhere along the way I killed a character and forever lost my chance to earn the achievement. Boooooo.

  2. Haha great post! Like you said, fighting a boss character twice is such a pain… when you fight to the death — or so you think — and then they escape!

    Another pet peeve is not being able to get to loot before a cutscene triggers and whisks me somewhere else. This is usually after some intense combat… I can’t loot while I fight, I need time to look around afterwards!

  3. I disagree with #40! One of my biggest pet peeves is not being able to click through cut scenes. Sometimes I prefer to read the subtitles than have a long drawn out and often poorly voice-acted scene.

    I also hate games where one of the achievements is to play at the highest difficulty setting. If I were capable of playing on the hardest difficulty, I would be playing on it!

  4. Because of the local vegetation being eaten some characters have explosive gas, the extra exertion required for a double jump forces it out. That’s why you always see a little puff of smoke

  5. Video games, why u no taken srsly!?!? – hubby says “shut up Slippy!” his biggest pet peeve of games is people leaving mid round because they are losing. You made him laugh several times during this and he recognized almost exactly what you were referring to lol. Thanks for another great article. Fun reading! 🙂

  6. My addendum:

    – Crappy quest rewards
    – Really complicated planning. If guns a blazing doesn’t work…
    – You destroy every living thing in a dungeon, deliver the killing blow to the boss and stride up to massive chest where your loot awaits. You fling it open to find… A battle axe. Perfect. I’m an effing mage.

  7. What’s that? A knee high fence in the way… Crap, my one weakness. Sure i can jump 40 feet across a ravine to grab a rope but this is a goddamn fence! Guess we have to turn back now.

  8. Oh my, well I promised myself that I would cut down on the raging for my own sanities sake… but what the heck… A lot of things tick me off, although I have to admit a lot is more to do with how other players behave and the fact that the game allows them to do so. I’ve been put off playing many great games because of the community behind them:

    1. People that add their own rules to the game: Agreed amongst friends is ok, but I’ve played online FPS’ matches where the rules seemed to get made up as you go along. Player’s who perform actions themselves, then shout at you claiming it is against the rules when you in turn use those very actions against them (camping with overpowered rifles is a common argument.)
    2. People that treat single player games like it is a race. I hate feeling pressured into rushing a single player experience that I paid a lot of money for because other people even have to be competitive about that. Some of us actually have responsibilities in real life and can’t compete like this (unfortunately 😥 ).
    3. People that seem to be incapable of taking a quest seriously. Some of us actually log in because we want to make progression in the limited time we have, but sometimes you have to wait ages for other players to prepare before setting off, or they then continue to stall or run off which always turns out to be suicidal on their part… sigh…
    4. I’m bored of all the games featuring men with stupidly large muscle proportions. It’s just not a look I like. Not to mention most of them are dull space marines.
    5. Why are there so many war and zombie games? (ok, I know it’s because they sell well, but some of us like a little more variety in our lives.)
    6. Modern Warfare – I’m sorry, you may hate me for hating it, but I played a good deal of the first game and found it completely overrated.
    7. Games that continue to sell themselves on cool violence or hot women. Ok, I’ll admit sometimes I like a good bit of violence myself (not so much the hot women), but I think it’s an insult to the gaming community when developers continue to assume that’s only what we’re about. If a game is good enough we’ll notice it without having violence and women shoved in our faces. It also doesn’t look great to outsiders who still don’t take our medium seriously.
    8. Cut scenes that you can’t pause or repeat. The number of time I’ve spent ages getting somewhere in a game just to have some non-gamer walk right in and talk over a cut scene or conversation that I’m obviously trying to pay attention to. Often important story or gameplay information are present within these scenes… sigh…
    9. Agreed about invisible walls and dumb team A.I.. Even if an invisible wall is well out the way in a place that shouldn’t be accessible, don’t think we won’t somehow find a way to get there ;). I’m also fed up of not being able to use certain tactics because of A.I. incompetence. Also, get your ass out of my reticle or you’ll be sore in the morning.

    … Ah, I think I feel much better now…

  9. I agree with almost all of these. Except, I like trophies/achievements. I always wonder why in all video games, everyone is missing at least one parent. It seems no one has both. No one. And doube jumps are baffling. And cut scenes must be skippable! That’s one of the things I hate most! Let me skip it! What do they gain by not allowing me to skip it! And yes, bad voice acting. Don’t even have voice acting if it’s not good.

    And why in fighting games, the crappy characters always kick my butt? Jigglypuff is crap in “SSB”, but when I fight her, she destroys me. And I hate games where I repeatedly get knocked down, and my character takes forever to get up. And boss battles that take forever. And you get to part 3, and then you die, and you must start over from the very beginning of part 1, or even worse, from some checkpoint nowhere near the boss, and you have a huge ways to go before you get back to the stupid boss. (And then there’s ten minutes of unskippable cut scene to watch that you’ve seen a dozen times before.) And then by the time you get back to actually fighting, you’re not even in the zone anymore. I also hate games with one save file. And then I must erase all my hard work to start from the beginning.

  10. 5: Kind of true. Some games though do NOT save it.
    6: Good for me, I don’t want to end up in a situation with no ammo and constantly having to hit (in most games) my enemy. That just looks stupid!
    10: I never understood that. The trainers aren’t the ones fighting, the Pokemon is so why do I need to go to a bed to restore my Pokemon’s health?
    11: Hmmm…
    13: We shall never know. Especially in Pokémon e.g. pulling out a bike from your bag.
    19: Hopefully one day if I create my game then I’ll think about adding that.
    20: OMG! I always think the same too!
    21: You could ask the same thing about the other children in that forest he lived in?
    29: Really? Do you think so? Why do you think that?
    31: To delay you in their escape. They know you can beat them in the end.
    34: Doors are irrelevant!
    39 & 43: Agreed to that!
    48: No clue.
    49: All just to piss us off -_-
    52: Wii is more for the family!
    58: Ask the Japanese creators, I believe it’s because they want them to be seen as “ideals.” Big eyes are an ideal. In Japan, light skin has been an ideal for hundreds of years.

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