11 comments on “One lovely bl0g award!

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  2. Haha, yes I am aware that the word “gaming” and “sensual” do not seem particularly related. 😉 I took some liberties with that list and mentioned a few blogs which drew my attention again and again. Thanks for the nomination! I think I might follow your lead though, as I don’t follow many more blogs either.

  3. LOL – I agree about the gaming and sensual but hey they do joke about vibrating controllers being for gaming purposes only *wink Hubby and I really enjoy your blog and any award is well deserved. Keep it up! What did you decide about podcast/Ytube thingy?

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  5. Thanks for nominating me! Started my blog recently and haven’t had much visitors so far so I was surprised to see this! ♥

    I enjoy your blog and do go on it often. Didn’t follow it until now though since I’m still getting a grasp of how WordPress works. ;P

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