9 comments on “New Skyrim DLC: Elder scrolls meets Sims.

  1. I need to get Skyrim back, then I will get this and my girlfriend will be super happy. She loved the Sims so she will love Skyrim too, honestly tough it is for real? If yes then it beats the horse armor dlc as even bigger crap

    • As far as I can tell. Each successive Elder Scrolls brings in more variety to the term ‘Role playing’, but this is looks ridiculous. What happened to the good old times when you saw a house you liked, killed the owner and moved in? 🙂

  2. Hubby feels they’ve waited too long because now the game has long lost his attention. To me it seems kind of wierd to be incorporating Sims like stuff into this kind of game.

      • I have played the original Sims up to Sim3 and well….you haven’t missed anything not playing the Sims lol. Hubby didn’t like playing it because it pissed him off that his characters were living better than he was lol. The “Simmy” like addition to Skyrim almost seems like a last ditch ‘mo-money’ endeavor.

  3. Strangely, I’m looking forward to this. Perhaps it’s because I’ve just gotten into Skyrim and The Sims is one of my favourite game series. I’m not expecting it to hugely impact my game, but I do wonder how it will play out.

    • It just seems a bit weird to us Elder Scrolls fanatics. If ever I did want my own house, P.C players could just add mods to their game. It seems as if Bethesda got lazy here, and borrowed ideas off their community. I’m still waiting for this game’s equivalent to ‘Shivering Isles.’ Now THAT was awesome.

  4. I have to say, I love this DLC. Maybe I’m the only one… I’m not a PC gamer though. I mean, sure, Skyrim already has loads of houses and places to sleep. And I’m really not into the whole adopt-a-kid thing, which is way to Sims-ish to me and doesn’t seem to fit with the lifestyle playable characters have in the game. (I’m always moving from house to house and out questing, so why adopt kids??) So I can see why a lot of people aren’t into this.

    BUT personally, I love being able to build a custom house to store all my loot. Part of what I love about Elder Scrolls games is that everybody’s game is unique, and this DLC just makes my game even more customized. It’s a dream DLC for me and is getting me to play Skryim again in general, which is awesome.

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