15 comments on “Escaping reality through Video Games.

  1. For three years we lived in the ghetto that is Windover Apts in Newark DE and during that time we escaped into World of Warcraft, FFXI and various other games. My husband and his brother filled our apartment with laughter as they took turns planting sticky bombs on eachother in Halo. The place we lived in, until our cocker spaniel Sam came into our lives, was one we wanted to escape from and like you, video games helped us through that time. When we got out of that apartment and moved in with his folks temporarily before moving here to N Texas, we also played Wow – we were in an in-between place and it helped us get through it. When we got here to N Texas Wow and other games came in handy when we were grieving the loss of Sam and my husband couldn’t get a job. In a nutshell Ninety — we totally understand! So glad your feeling better and so glad you decided to do this blog!

    • So am I, it really has been fantastic fun. I worry about the day it feels more like work, but hopefully that day won’t come for years yet 🙂 My condolences for the loss of Sam, that breed is a particular favorite of mine.

      -Mr.Saymber: I’d love to get online and start hurling ‘nades together, but my internet configuration just doesn’t allow me to at this moment in time. I’ll let you know when things change 🙂

      • That’s something hubby worried about if he persued a career in the video game industry too. Yes, Sammy was the love of our lives and rarely a day goes by that we don’t miss him somehow. Someday I hope we can adopt another cocker or a cockerpoo (I grew up with a poodle and love that breed also). Anyhew – hubbby said “ok” about your current situation. His PSN is the same as Ytube name. So when things get so you can – look him up!

  2. “I’m a gamer; not because I don’t have a life, but because I want to live many.”

    I’ve been through similar times. Unfortunately, I wasn’t privy to games for an escape during the craziest times (I spent a year homeless my last year of high school), but in my younger years they often were.

    But these days, games offer me a sense of adventure, creativity, and competition (maybe even camaraderie) that no other form of media does. I always tell people, I play video games for the same reason you watch tv or movies for hours: it’s fun, entertaining, and an escape. Great post, and I’m glad to hear the medium has offered you something important, and kept you happy during the low points.

    • I can’t even imagine how difficult spending a year homeless must have been. I’m glad things have worked out for you. And I’m glad that games have such a positive place in your life now. Competition is one thing I love about the medium; to quote Dara O’Briain:

      ‘You cannot be bad at watching a movie..’

      • Really, it’s called a.d.d. , I actually stopped watching movies, I can’t really sit and focus through a movie, most of my focus is on PC repair, and looking up stuff on the internet, and games.

  3. Games are great sources of escape indeed! But it’s like one of those exotic travel destinations… it’s good to vacation in, but living there is something else entirely.

    I’ve known guys who were too into games that they completely neglected real life and lost touch with reality. Not a pretty sight.

    I think I’m prone to vices too, so I feel like I’m constantly toeing that line between hobby and obsession.

  4. I know how bad colitis can get. I’ve had more than a few friends and significant others with colitis, chrone’s and/or celiac disease and it can get pretty bad. I’ve been lucky that I don’t have anything like that which completely debilitates me but I can still relate to using video games a way of escaping hardships and de-stressing. Some would argue that “escaping” into gaming is just putting off the inevitable but gaming as a hobby is a great way to keep all the horrors of the real world from eating away at you completely so that you can get a moment to relax and collect yourself in order to better take on the day afterward.

  5. Hey man. I really article, it’s really great, and I’m sorry to hear what you’ve been put through. At age 15, I suffered from severe internal bleeding over 8 months. It got to a point where Trinity was about to pull the plug 😉
    It turned out to be, not leukemia, but something very simple.
    I too have been spending a lot of time playing video game over the years, and most of all enjoying it!
    Currently I’m writing a paper for my graduation in the pursuit of a happy life through the virtual reality you find in video games.
    I must say that your article is very inspiring and helpful at this time, so thanks a bunch man 🙂

    I hope you are doing better and are experiencing progress in your treatment, if you’re not already cure? Should say that I don’t really know if you can be totally cure of Ulcerative colitis.

    Best wishes

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