5 comments on “Coma: Another step in the ‘Games are art’ debate

  1. I feel the same way. Most of the games I’ve bought this year have been indie; also some of the most memorable. That’s not to say I’m now off mainstream games, nor do I feel games have to strive to be art, but I certainly hope that indie games continue to grow, partly for gamers who strive for something different, for the general perception of video games and for developers who don’t necessarily fit in with the mainstream industry. Thanks for linking the game, it looks and sounds amazing. Yes, games can be art without a doubt.

    • The problem with the gaming industry right now is that it’s quite stagnant at the top, with CoD after Halo and so on. By delving into the depths of indie gaming, I’m coming across so many rough and brilliant gems that revive my love for gaming. Long live alternative, inventive developers!

  2. Took your advice and played it pal, and found it rather enjoyable, even though I was a little lost at times!!! Shame it’s so short though…

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