5 comments on “Return of the Ulcerative Colitis: New game needed!

  1. I know of people who have similar lifelong problems and how much of a negative impact it can have on your life – (ibs, which can cause a similar discomfort.) I also know of some people who are attempting to raise awareness of it because not enough people are taking it seriously (including doctors.) I drink aloe Vera myself (good for the digestive system), and I also heard vitamin d can help, although it may be different for ibd sufferers. Games have helped me through hard times too; they’re amazing for taking your mind off things. There are so many I could suggest though. Two of my fave games this year have been dragons dogma and dishonored.

  2. Heya Michael. I just seen that you checked out my blog and that you aswell have Ulcerative Colitis! I know it’s such a shitty disease lol But hang in there! If you wanna chat, just message me! I know it helps to have people to talk to who are going through the same things, especially with the type of thing this is!. -Shari

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