7 comments on “Split Screen, or, How to destroy Friendships

  1. Ah, I remember the old days of spilt-screen. I say old only because it seems most 360 games nowadays need two copies of the game and an internet connection. >.< I actually miss the days of blocking someone's view to make them lose in Mario Kart, and peeking to see what moves my brother was making his Pokemon use in the battle games. 😉

  2. Yep. And this is exactly why I can’t stand split screen gaming! I can only barely tolerate it in racing games, but even then, I find myself getting too distracted by watching the other player(s). I get why split screen needs to be a thing, but really, it doesn’t.

  3. Oh man, if you remember Golden Eye for Nintendo 64, this was the worst. You’d think you were being so sneaky and then your brother would look at your screen and kill you. And then you’d kill him in real life. I lost a lot of brothers playing that game.

  4. I played Halo with my brother last Christmas. I got a wee bit carried away and I ended up yelling “YEAH SUCK IT BITCH” after which my brother turned off the game and went to bed. Splitscreen gaming has never been good for us.

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