10 comments on “The Dream: Becoming a Video Game Writer

  1. You definitely seem to have a talent for writing. If it’s your dream then you should keep trying no matter what anybody says or the competition. Some people do make it through afterall and you’ll never know what you could achieve if you don’t dive in and give it a go. Just don’t ever get dispondent and never stop believing in yourself :D.

  2. Great read. Just in case you haven’t noticed, you are a game writer and reviewer. Sure it may not be on a magazine, but those are going away as I write this article. And the web, well who says who is a great writer,reviewer? That is so subjective. Its all based on opinions, that’s all reviews are, in games, movies, etc.. Truth be told, it is you and I and everyone who writes and reaches others that matters in this medium. It is the gamers and the fans that make us, not some dude in a suit who works for a magazine or company who automatically believes that ordanes them to be an authority on the subject matter. We can reach others and the big guns in the gaming industry even if we do not have all their cash to make big web sites and marketing. Maybe we should talk some day, it seems we alone as writers cannot do it alone, we need staff,writers,etc..even if it is out of love in the beginning. The more we write, the more we become authority also and the more our name gets out also. Keep up the good work!

  3. I know how you feel, I’be only been writing for 4 months now and its already turned into A passion I don’t think I could do without.

    as was said above I think its nice to be our own separate identity and unattached from the large media machine.

    keep it up.

    • I completely agree about being separate from big name corporations. I would never want to become a bland and faceless writer who’s work is censored by higher ups. If I fell like a rant, I want to rant freely! My dream is simply to be able to provide for myself through my writing, and it’s something I’m going to work hard at in the next few years.

      Thank you for your words of support.

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