7 comments on “Dishonored Review

  1. i started playing dishonored a week or so ago on my pc, i got to the high overseer’s office and did what i had to do there, shut the game down and felt no real urge to go back to it. certain things bothered me….like not having a map….no sense of direction…stuff like that. But then something magical happened…it occurred to me that its been quite sometime since i played a FPS that wasn’t pushing me down a very specific path and it maybe frightened me a little….its like i was conditioned to be lead through the single player games instead of inhabiting them…when i finally jumped back into it and slowed down my playstyle….the game grabbed a hold of me and didn’t let up. nice review! in my game after corvo was wrongly accused and witnessed the murder i imagined him going into a blind rage a ripping the heads off of anyone that got in his way….and they never saw me coming!!!

  2. wish I had have picked this up in the steam autumn sales now! Never mind, I’ve got plenty of other titles to play through though! Hoping this will be better than Deus Ex:HR, which was good but not really a patch on the original.

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