29 comments on “You Decide! Fantasy or Sci-Fi

  1. Ooh, dangit. This one’s absolutely impossible for me. Skyrim, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Halo…these are a few of my favourite games. I can have a shout battle with dragons and then swiftly switch to gunning down Reapers. I don’t know if I can actually make a decision here. :/

  2. Dam! pretty much everyone voted for Gun & Grenades. I love both of them but i had to go with Guns & Grenades. Even know i have a very large interest for Medieval crap.

  3. I chose fantasy, but I do love lots of sci-fi worlds as well. What I would prefer would be a nice mixture of the two, dark and brooding buildings with catacombs and then large magnificent structures floating above it.

  4. Probably, one of the hardest choices I have ever made… on the one side there is Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica … on the other Lord of the Rings, A Song of Ice and Fire …just to name the most influential ones from my childhood…
    And it really depends on the mood I am in at the moment…and today’s mood is —-> Fantasy

  5. I have always preferred Fantasy since I was younger. Zelda, Final Fantasy, Dark Cloud and more. Sci-fi has never really appealed to me.

    I played Mass Effect though. Great game but terrible ending in ME3.

  6. On one side, there’s things like Bioshock, but on the other, there’s Fable. I’d have to go with sci-fi just because it seems more real.

      • That’s true in ways. I guess I just like seeing something that COULD happen because it makes me think about how our world could go down like that. Like with Fable, I love the setting, but I know it’s not real. But with Rapture, I really do want to go and visit it (before it all went to hell of course)

  7. That’s a very hard one. In movies, I prefer sci-fi. But, in games, I often really like fantasy. I actually think I like fantasy more in games. I love “Zelda” and stuff. Gah, but I also love “Ratchet and Clank”, “Halo”, and “Metroid”. Such a tough decision; I’ll just go with fantasy! Yes, that one!

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