29 comments on “Gaming Snobbery

  1. In addition to your post, the battles were between online games and PC/console games in China. Online gamers brag about the interactive nature and PC/Console gamers would emphasize on the game plots.

  2. Gaming websites only serve to add to the console snobbery, particularly Eurogamer with its 360/PS3 visual comparisons. And of course, there’s: “Girls can’t play action games; they should stick with easy games like Harvest Moon and Pokemon.” (As if either is easy, anyway.) That’s gotta be one of my biggest pet peeves. >.<

    • I felt that gaming sexism is so well covered by the dozens of feminism blogs out there it didn’t even need mentioning, although I wholeheartedly agree. I regularly game with female friends who’ll happily kick my butt over over any genre I can think of. 🙂

  3. well said my good man! no where is this more rampant right now then in natural selection 2 IMO……it seems every game i join someones telling the commander that he sucks because he didn’t get this upgrade instead of that upgrade first and he went for the wrong res node and all that stuff……to many chiefs….not enough Indians….

  4. I totally agree with what your saying! Why can’t we all just be friends?! All my friends are xbox junkies but I have a PS3 so there always like oh you have a PS3…. halo!!!! Personally I don’t care, I am very happy with my PS3 and I think the Xbox is cool too. I also dabble a little in PC gaming too so I never engage in those ignorant arguments.

  5. Great post! Life is too short to be so divisive (and derisive). I agree with the comment above noting the problem with mainstream gaming press — it doesn’t help bring people together at all. I’m currently playing Ghostbusters, a perfectly fine if quirky game that was nearly sunk because of all the negative press surrounding its creation. Gaming is about playing what you want on whatever console/computer you want. Play with people or by yourself. Just play! 🙂

  6. Well said. Having worked with gamers for many years gaming snobbery is a problem no matter the system or game, from table top rpgs, ccgs, to video games.

    • I was a big Table top gamer until I realized what most players were like. I only ever competed in one tourney with my “fun and fluffy” list before I realized that scene just wasn’t for me. Do you play any Tabletop games?

      • At the moment no, but that is only due to just moving to a new location. Prior to moving, a lot of RPGs and CCGs. I totally understand the no competitive scene talk about people who ruin a fun experience. Ugh.

  7. Great article. Unfortunately I thought that people like us were a rarity as most gamers I’ve met have been snobs. I don’t mind if someone doesn’t like the same games as me (I can even enjoy a good debate), but I hate it when I’m enjoying a game and receive a message telling me that they hope the game fails as if its existence is having a huge negative impact on their lives. Sometimes if people know you really like something they search for bad news on it and feed it to you as if to hurt you on purpose. I also hate it when a person brags about owning a game as if trying to make you jealous, when in all honesty you don’t really care and just want them to shut up so you can talk about something else lol. I’m the kind of person who backs down a lot and becomes doubtful when people act bigger and better than me; I therefore get spoken down to a lot, but from my own experience snobs are never as knowledgeable on a subject as someone who is more modest and open minded. If only we could all just be friends instead of ruining it for one another.

  8. When people say they only have those consoles, I just laugh because since they are the two most popular consoles at the moment I feel that is the only reason why people say that. And when someone compares a series of game to another, I don’t understand why most of the time because some of them may have similarities but most likely have bigger differences.

  9. Exactly. I’m playing my damn mesmer in GW2 the way I want to xD

    With the whole girls playing video games thing, it’s kind of entertaining on one hand when I’m playing Starcraft 2 and I end up partying up with someone I’ve just vsed, then they hear my voice and they’re like “Oh my god you’re a chick playing Starcraft?”. On the other hand, I find it pretty rude when I’m learning how to play a game (and am obviously not adept at it) and some guy tells me to go back to playing The Sims cause ‘girls aren’t supposed to play MMOs’ :K

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  11. Game snobs are terrible. I find them on Youtube all the time. They go onto a video of a certain game, only to whine that the game is horrible, and the game they like is better, and we’re a bunch of idiots for liking this game. Why are they even watching a video for a game they hate anyway? Your post is helpful. I shall indeed Falcon punch the snobbery out of them.

    Due to this post, I will make a confession. I recently played “Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One”, a game people say is bad. And you know what, I liked it! That’s right, gamer snobs! You heard me! Say anything against me, and I’ll have Mr. Zurkon destroy you! After yet more Falcon punches, of course.

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