21 comments on “5 Tips on running a Video Game Blog

  1. good ideas that I think will be very useful for us over at writeclickplay.com. I guess our spin on the common format is that we try to look at deeper issues in video-games and consider things from different points of view. I agree that not being shackled to some company and having to toe the corporate line is great, and I think journalistic independence is really important.

  2. Very useful tips for someone like me, who just started a gaming blog a couple of months back. I like the focus on new an interesting angles, it’s been something I’ve been trying to develop as I find my “voice” as it were. But this definitely gave me some good perspective, so thanks!

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  4. Great read for a new games blogger, like myself. Agree with your points and I’m trying to take a unique angle by posting on a variety of gaming news. Keep up the good work!

  5. Ah! couple of days back i had made up my mind into creating a video games blog, but i had to puff that inner fire cause i lacked inspiration. But this entry of yours cheered me up and i really do feel like producing one whatsoever. Thanks a lot for this buddy. Keep blogging.

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