12 comments on “You Decide! 1st Person vs 3rd Person

  1. Hard question. In my opinion, it really depends on the game. Right now I am enjoying Warhammer 40K on PS3 and that is 3nd person. I enjoyed Uncharted as well (2nd Person), But 1st person games like Rage etc.. are as equally important and relevant to the game being played. I enjoy them all. As long as the game is fun and of course, for me ‘Story’ is everything.

  2. Third-person is always so comfortable. With first-person, I enjoy the immersion, but it takes some getting used to if I haven’t been playing it for a while. (I’m prone to getting dizzy.) I also like being able to see my character in a setting when playing third-person games.

    • I have a similar problem with getting motion sickness in certain titles. A well designed game should take this into consideration though and do its best to minimize it (most 1st person games I’m fine with, but theres a few that are a real struggle to get through and leave me feeling ill.) I like to see the character too, particularly in rpg’s. Overall I prefer 3rd person, but I’m happy to play either. It also greatly depends on the genre and type of experience the game is going for.

  3. Hubby (and I watching him play) get motion sickness on some of them too (Wallcat). He’s sick of 1st person shooters – they are mostly all the same whereas 3rd person can be different each time.

  4. Completely different styles of games and each have incredible titles. But if I had to choose, I think I would opt for the first-person perspective, but only for the games that do immersion well.
    Most first-person games are whatever, but certain titles try to make you truly see through the eyes of the character you control. Games like Metroid Prime, Halo 4 and the best imo, FarCry 2 (and 3 hopefully) Each of those titles do most activities while not leaving perspective. Metroid had an awesome HUD and scanning feature, Halo 4 did similar and has always shown your characters body when looking down, and FarCry 2 never left the viewpoint, always showing your characters hands while he bandaged himself up, drove vehicles and injected serums.
    Third-Person allows developers to create well realized characters visually, and Uncharted is still an unparalleled experience, but I always love it when an FPS goes for it all when it comes to immersion…its just a shame most games don’t do that, they don’t even let you see your body most of the time! Your just a floating camera…stupid.

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  6. For me, it really depends on the game, but I think I like first-person the most. It feels like I’m in the game more. I was so disappointed when “Metroid: Other M” was third-person after enjoying the first-person “Metroid Prime” trilogy so much.

  7. It’s a tough choice, but I find myself leaning towards third-person games because I can see the character that I’m playing. I like to roleplay in games so being able to see my avatar or character definitely ups the immersion factor. Regarding shooters, I like the third-person since it offers a bigger field of view; also, I can’t help but love over the shoulder aiming.

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