2 comments on “Gambling in Gaming

  1. Nice post Michael, gambling and gaming addiction aren’t far apart, I guess I am one of the lucky few who could enjoy addicting games such as World of Warcraft without it ever taking control over my life. The (mostly) subtle introduction of gambling (as side quests/fun things to do on the side) in games, might be a bigger threat to gamers than one might first expect. As I mentioned a lot of people have a tendency to become addicted to games and it would be fairly easy for such a person to add to the addiction, gambling for real money instead of virtual currency is just a few clicks away. I am currently playing a MMO called Entropia Universe, which has a real cash economy system (but basically is a RPG-casino system), don’t know if you have heard about it, but I’ll try to write about it in the near future and try to explain how “dangerous” the game really can be.

  2. Interesting read. I think more important isn’t necessarily the depiction of gambling itself, but how many games often use similar approaches to typical gambling or that intentionally trying to be addicting as a means acquire money (social gaming, at large).

    I mean, what sort of effect does heavy arcade gaming playing, i.e. difficulty or high score chasing that always asks for ‘just one more quarter’, have on an individual’s propensity toward gambling addiction? I think you could argue that it increases the likelihood by securing early on the willingness to take a chance and expend a small amount of money for one more ‘hit’ or that it diminishes it because it creates a self-awareness in money invested versus reward earned.

    I do see your point. Gambling is often a very addicting activity that millions of people get hooked on and advertising it as acceptable to young minds is a morally grey area of gaming. I’d even accept that using mascots that are more typically associated with younger gamers, like Mario as you point out, is perhaps more wrong.

    However, overall, I don’t think that the depiction of gambling in gaming, by itself, presents any sort of real danger. I do love to see it, especially in titles like New Vegas and Red Dead Redemption. It adds a lot more depth of setting and helps flesh out the world to being just a tiny bit more real.

    Great post. It really had me thinking!

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