17 comments on “Realism in Gaming

  1. Hit the nail right on the head there. I feel the same way; striving for absolute realism seems like a silly direction to go in. Plus it’s harder to achieve. In a realistic setting if just one thing is off it stands out like a sore thumb. I once heard a prediction that after achieving perfect realism games will then start to abstract more, based on the fact that art followed this very path.

  2. I agree, realism should not be the future of gaming. Though realism is cool to a certain extent there still needs to be some form of surrealism or pure fantasy mixed in.

  3. I prefer the world where I get both options. I love Halo and Mario and every other game that looks at gravity like it might mug them, but that doesn’t mean that’s all I want or need. I can remember when Half-Life 2 brought the Source engine to my desktop and completely blew my mind with a fairly deep and respectful view of actual physics. There are obviously cases where realism can be taken too far, and defeat the real purpose of playing a game. However, cases like that of Half-Life 2 shows that realism can add an amazingly visceral and cinematic feel with just glass shattering realistically at a hail of helicopter gun fire.

  4. i’m a fan of both to be honest and to be fair it’s not like were lacking in either. there’s quite a few of both realistic games and unrealistic games that have come out this year and in the near future. far cry 3, borderlands 2, black ops 2, halo 4, dishonored, gta 5, bioshock infinite……the list goes on….were lucky we have options and i for one hope it stays that way.
    nice article never the less my good man!

  5. You are absolutely right… Most of the time I play only to just get away from the struggle of the world and entering a world where it looks almost the same wouldn’t bring any difference at all.

  6. I somewhat agree. It really depends on the game and how it was meant to be played and seen. For me, I need my fantasy/sci-fi fix and I enjoy it most when it looks magically surreal. I do enjoy my cartoony RPG masterpieces like Ni no Kuni and Persona 4 but games like Fallout and Oblivion are a necessity also. It’s just a question of personal choice for me. Not necessarily a right way vs the wrong way, just as long as we gamers have a choice. 🙂

    • I completely agree that it’s a question of personal choice and variety, but the current rend really seems to be hyper realism in ALL genres, all games, as opposed to just those who need it and that’s what I disagree with.

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  8. Guess I’m the odd one out here.

    I like games better when they’re closer to reality, especially when I’m trying to escape from reality. The closer they get, the easier it is for me to feel that I’ve actually gone to another world, because there’s still a lot of familiar things, except in this world I can cast spells and go running forever without losing my breath. Sure total fantasies that don’t make any sense are great, like Mario. But I don’t think the current trend’s all that bad either.

  9. I honestly love the realism of the Skyrim world because the story/mechanics are so fantastic. I typically don’t rue the familiar terrain when I’m flinging thunderbolts from my fingertips and breathing fire–and connecting those to a realistic world makes the experience more exciting.

  10. I completely agree. Video games are fun when you can do ridiculous things, like somehow jumping while already in midair (which is awesome because it’s completely impossible) and using a gun that shoots tornadoes or opens rifts to another dimension like in “Ratchet and Clank”. And surviving things that would normally kill a person, too. One game I played, you could fall two feet and die. It was ridiculous. Mario’s own jumping would be fatal if he was as feeble as the character in that game. And I can’t count the number of times Link was holding a bomb as it exploded and survived….

  11. I kind of agree, there are too many games with so much realism that I feel that it is too much. Which is why I can’t grow to love most of these games e.g. COD, Far Cry 3 but only like them because they are a bit too realistic. I like my games where I can get hit several times and still be alive or rather I’ll just stick with my fantasy games.

  12. lol . Reading this article made me smile 🙂 I think in a real life , most of us never have a chance to shoot some terrorist with m4 too. So game developers try to make their games “realistic” just to hook us in not to drag us into boredom. Great article though!

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