7 comments on “How Educational Games Are Being Incorporated Into the Classroom

  1. This is fantastic. Gaming definitely engages the mind more than listening or watching. It requires more high order thinking skills than simple rote tasks. Both these factors translate in to a deeper experience and increased retention.

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    While this may not be my typical game/trailer review ,its still worth a read to discuss the cognitive impacts of gaming and how to implement gaming appropriately in an educational setting.

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  4. We were recently nominated for a Liebster Award and have selected your blog as one of our eleven nominees to receive one as well. Keep up the great work! P.S Glad to see somebody posting about the positive effects gaming can have on people!

  5. Games are a brilliant way to stimulate learning in children. The bordem of a class room can not suit all children. Every child learns differently, but games seem to suit all learning levels. Stimulation the right and left side of the brain are so important for development. Bringing learning into a games related structure not only holds the childs attention for longer, but they also will remember it. Very important!

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