7 comments on “A Question of Skill

  1. Your story with your younger brother is the same with my husband. He’s even starting to try and design his own games and has been for a couple years (he’s only 12!). I’m not that great at video games either but I think the most important thing is to have fun playing them. When it’s not fun and more like a job or you find yourself just getting angry a lot…time to put down the controller or may be even change your game choice.

    • I used to fiddle about with Gamemaker at that age too! I completely agree, games are all about how much fun you’re having. Sometimes I think people rush to be as good as possible at a game and completely forget to enjoy playing it. I’d rather suck at a game and have a terrific time beating it, than blast through it as fast as possible and then beat myself up for not doing it faster.

  2. I think it is like any other hobby, really. A certain degree of mastery is preferable, but if you can’t enjoy the getting there part or if you can’t get over the fact that someone else will always have more skill, then you are probably in the wrong hobby.

    I like to cook. I am no expert at cooking, but I do prefer to get better at cooking, rather than worse. Sometimes I prefer a challenge and I try my hardest. Those times especially, I am hoping to learn and to prove to myself what I already know. I take my defeats in stride because I know I am just cooking for fun and I can always try again later.

    Same with gaming!

    • I completely agree, it’s just like any other hobby. The fascinating thing is however that it’s such a blend of hobby and entertainment that people really begin to equate how good you are at it with how much you’ll enjoy it, which just plain isn’t true.

      I wish I could cook..

  3. Aww u r so comforting ❤ I started playing mmos late cus iv been doing other stuff (building worlds in OsGrid) so only played for a year. Still feel like a mega noob but love it anywo:):)

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