3 comments on “I Believe I Belong

  1. He very eloquently, smile, shared something more of us writers need to hear. It’s so easy for us to get “missed” in the plethora of social media available now for anyone to say their piece abut things. So many people talking with a limited ability to listen…a huge chat room where it’s hard to keep track of any one conversation. I’ve struggled with self confidence in my writing and the things I craft but am discovering what I do is received by who it is intended. Each of us are messengers with eager receivers out in the world who are tuned to our frequency or are searching for our channel in the white noise. I think of this example because as a young person I can remember finding the BBC on my radio in South Dakota. The signal wasn’t always strong but with effort I usually found it.

    • The day I stopped trying to find a certain style and just let my voice come through was the day I really began to grow as a writer. You’re right Saymber, there’s an audience for everyone out there; be your true self and they’ll find you.

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