3 comments on “You Should Talk To Strangers

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    From my friend Ninety Nine Percent gaming and it was nice to read somebody else figured out what has been “my thing” since very young. I have a face I guess that makes strangers feel like they can sit down and tell me anything and well, they are right. We are all messengers and if we don’t interact with each other when given the opportunity, we might miss a message we need to change our lives, receive the answer we’ve been seeking out, make a new friend, help someone who’s lost find their way home….look up from those darn IT devices!
    Excertp: “My point in telling these two stories is simple. Strangers can be brilliant people and a goldmine of storytelling potential.” (EVERYONE is a walking, breathing story!)

      • You know I’m grateful to you because of your email with a subscribe got me back here writing again. Thank you for that! I’ve really been enjoying the treasures like this you are finding in addition to your gaming knowledge and expertise blogs.

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