3 comments on “Update: National Radio! And Internet Horror

  1. I read the article. It was really interesting. I know a couple of people who have no issues talking to anybody. We’ll go out and at some point I’ll turn to see them chatting away to entire groups of new people. Once I went on a break with them and ended up feeling like everybody in the hotel had heard of us as they kept coming up to talk to us; That doesn’t usually happen when it’s just me. Despite my shyness I enjoy talking to people, but I feel awkward approaching strangers. Those that can, appear to me as if they must have super powers or something. I worry that they’ll think I’m being rude desturbing them and tell me to go away. Most strangers are probably just normal people trying to get on in life, but I think what we’re taught at school along with the stories we hear on the news makes us all a bit wary of each other.

    • I really do feel like the vast majority of us are on the same wavelength – want to talk but worried about appearances – yet at the same time assume no one thinks the same way we do. That initial barrier and making first contact is the absolute hardest part, but I’ve really found casting the die and saying hi to be so worth it.

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